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Eli's Birth Story (Part 2)

Eli's Birth Story (Part 2)-

 Getting ready to see our baby boy!

On January 23, we "woke up" at 6am to get ready for my induction.  I settled into my hospital bed, knowing this could take hours.  The nurse started the Pitocin (a drug used to start or speed up labor) through my IV.  Then....the waiting began.

Chilling in my hospital bed
Around 8am, my doctor stopped by to check on my progress.  I was only 2cm dilated (I had gone into the hospital 1cm dilated).  She broke my water and the floodgates opened wide!!  Lol.  Remember all that extra amniotic fluid I had...well it was making its appearance!  It felt warm coming out, but did not hurt.
She then told the nurse I could have my epidural (anesthesia that blocks pain) if I wanted.  I had been saying my whole pregnancy that I didn't want to have an epidural (I also didn't want to be induced...and you see how that turned out!).  My mom, my good friend Noel, Eric's sisters, and Eric's mom had all gone without getting one during labor.  God bless these strong women!  I was afraid the epidural would slow down my labor or make it hard for me to be able to feel how to push the baby out.  I guess you just have to weigh the pros and cons.  After talking with my doctor during a previous appointment, I had decided to get one.  My doctor didn't think I would progress without one because of my high level of anxiety during check-ups (I totally agreed with her.)  So, I told the nurse she could call the anesthesiologist to come.  For a second I thought to myself, "Maybe I should wait a little longer before I get one."  I then felt a small labor pain and said, "Never mind...bring the anesthesiologist in!"
The epidural did not hurt me at all.  The anesthesiologist gave me a small shot in the back to numb the area before putting in the larger needle to administer the drug.  I was hunched over holding Eric's hands as he worked his magic.  When he put in the bigger needle, I had a contraction and more of my amniotic fluid came flooding out.  Eric had to jump back quickly not to get it on his shoes.  The process was fast and the medicine worked perfectly.  I couldn't feel the pain, but I still had feeling in my legs and feet.  When I finally got to pushing, I was still able to feel how to push Eli out.  I absolutely loved my epidural.
          Grandma and Dad waiting for Baby E
After the epidural, we waited some more.  Then the nurse had me do different positions to help move things along.  I was on all fours with my bottom in the air!  Looked pretty funny.  The nurse checked me and I hadn't progressed and my cervix was swollen.  She was afraid I might have to have a c-section.  That really scared me.  I really, really, REALLY did not want to have a c-section.

Then I was on my back with one leg bent and crossed over the other (first on my right side, then on my left).  I did each position for 30 minutes.  After the left side, the nurse re-checked me and I had dilated to 9.5 cm!  It happened so fast...we were ecstatic!  Good-bye thoughts of a c-section, hello pushing!

Pushing was difficult, but did not hurt (I love to re-iterate how everything did not hurt!).  When we saw a contraction coming on the monitor, Eric and my mom would hold my legs back while I pushed.  I pushed for about an hour before our precious baby boy made his appearance at 4:14pm!  Eric said his head just sprung out.  They brought him up and put him right on my chest.  He was absolutely perfect!  The only bad thing was that my camera had died, so we only have phone pictures.

Eric cut the umbilical cord and blood splattered everywhere.  All over my face, all over the wall---but I didn't care!  I had a baby boy in my arms!  A handsome, wonderful, amazing baby boy!  :)

9 pounds 4 ounces, 21 inches long
Our Little Family
With our wonderful nurse
Daddy and Son
E and our amazing doctor!

Mommy and Daddy love you more every day Eli!!!!!   

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