Friday, May 23, 2014

Eli - Newborn to 1 Month

Wasn't Eli just born?  Surely, he can't be 4 months old already?!  Time sure does fly when you have a baby!  Now I have to play catch up and try to remember everything I can about our little one over the last couple of months!!  

Eli: Newborn to 1 Month Old

The Day Eli was Born
1 Week Old

2 Weeks Old
3 Weeks Old

1 Month Old
Everything seems a bit of a blur, so I'm not sure everything is going to be totally accurate.  This is what I can remember (or think I remember, lol) from the day Eli was born until the day he turned 1 month old.

So chubby and cute!

At birth Eli weighed a whopping 9 pounds 4 ounces!  A few days later, Eli hit his lowest weight at 8 pounds 9 ounces.  The first 2 weeks I was having trouble breastfeeding, so I pumped my milk for him and supplemented with formula.  Usually, a baby gets back to their birth weight around 2 weeks.  Eli wasn't there yet, so we had to come back in weekly to check his weight.  Around week 3- I saw the lactation consultant and started breastfeeding, but still had to supplement with formula.  By the time he turned 1 month, he was EBF (exclusively breastfed)...and hasn't had any formula since!  When I started to breastfeed, my milk came in and Eli gained weight very quickly!  Who would have thought taking a baby completely off formula would make him gain weight faster! At his 1 month check-up, Eli was 10 pounds 4 ounces.

Eli wore Newborn and 0-3 Month clothes during this time.  He wore Newborn and Size 1 diapers.

Eating and Sleeping are definitely a blur.  My hat is off to all the mommas out there that exclusively pump.  Those three weeks that I did it was a nightmare (I'm sure hormones and no sleep did not help in the least bit).  I seriously got 1 hour of sleep a day....there was no time to sleep between pumping, feeding him, changing him, washing the pumping stuff and bottle, and taking care of my postpartum self.   
Eli's First Bottle

Eli has always been a pretty good sleeper though.  In these first weeks he slept a lot.  He would wake up probably every 2 to 3 hours to eat (usually 8 times a day - 30 minutes each time).  He slept in his Rock N Play next to our bed.  Sometimes I would swaddle him at night, other times I wouldn't put it on.  He seemed to really like it.  He never used the swaddle for naps during the day (I never put him in it).  For naps he slept in his Rock N Play, swing, bouncer, or on me.

Special Memories:
Eli has been wide eyed since birth.  He has beautiful blue eyes and dimples like his daddy.  Even since day one he would hold his head up with surprising strength.
Holding his head up, Mad during Tummy Time

Eli liked tummy time for a couple minutes, but would quickly be over it and scream.  He doesn't care much for pacifiers, but he will take them from time to time. 

He did not like his first sponge bath, but that was probably because it was kind of cold.  He cried a little bit during his first bath, but I think the sound of the water scared him.  He calmed down and enjoyed the rest of it and has loved taking baths ever since then.  
Not loving his first sponge bath at home

Enjoying my first real bath
 He loves his mommy and daddy, sleeping, and eating.  He also likes to listen to music.

First Car Ride

First time meeting Jackson

First time meeting Jenny
First outing in his stroller
First Valentine's Day

Eli is such a joy!  Everyday I fall more and more in love with him!

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