Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eli - 2 Month Update

I'm 2 months old!
Here is Eli's update from 1 - 2 months old.  It is so exciting to watch him grow and learn new things!

At his 2 month doctor's appointment Eli weighed 12 pounds 3 ounces.  
Height - 24 inches
He did not like getting his shots!  Afterwards, he slept all day and cried when he was up.  By the next day he was back to normal.

He wore 0-3 month clothing and Size 1 Diapers.


Eli is still exclusively breastfed and is a great eater (very efficient/fast)!  It used to take him 30 minutes to eat, and now only takes around 15 minutes.  Still eats around 8 times a day.

He will sleep one stretch of five hours at night, eats, then goes back to sleep.  Still sleeping in the Rock N Play in our room.  Still being swaddled at night.

Special Memories:
My favorite milestone Eli has hit so far is Smiling and Laughing!  He smiled for the first time for his mommy and daddy at 6 weeks old.  He woke up one morning cooing and talking with us and flashed a smile.  Around 8 weeks he started smiling a lot more often and to others.  It is very hard to get a smile on camera though.  When he spots it he just stares.  :)
The cutest DIMPLES!

He loves to talk.  "Oh" and "Ah" sounds are his favorite.  Hey There Delilah is one of his favorite songs.  I was watching American Idol and singing along to Sam Woolf's version of the song, when Eli started smiling and making the "Oh" sound during the chorus.  It was SO cute!

He's still doesn't love tummy time, but will tolerate it a little longer than before.  He can hold his head up pretty well during this time.
Tummy Time
He takes a pacifier during naps, at night, and when he needs comfort.  He only likes MAM pacifiers though.  Try to give him another brand and he will spit it out.

Still loves bath time.  It's his relaxation time.  Just like his mama.

I leave with some of my favorite pictures from the month.  :)
Eli & his friends

Hanging with Uncle Steven

Playtime with Jenny

Gator Boy!

Jaguar Boy!

Dressed up for church

Daddy and I at the same age - 1 month
 Going to get E's 3 & 4 month update soon! 

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