Saturday, May 31, 2014

Eli - 3 Month Update!

I'm 3 Months Old!

Here is Eli's update from 2-3 months old.  This has been the best month yet!  He is smiling, laughing, and interacting a lot more than before.  He is such a sweet boy and a joy to be around!

Eli did not have a 3 month check-up, so I'm not exactly sure what his stats are this time around.  If I had to guess I would say he weighs some where around 13 pounds 8 ounces.

He wears 3-6 Month Clothing and Size 2 Diapers.

Ready to go see the Easter Bunny
Eli is still exclusively breastfeeding, eating around 6 times a day now.

He puts his hands under his head like this when he sleeps and nurses.  Such a sweet boy!
He was sleeping around 5-7 hours at one time when we had him in his Rock N Play.  Shortly after he turned 3 months, Eric decided it was time for Eli to move to his big boy crib.  I really didn't want to move him because I love keeping an eye on him and it's so easy to reach over and grab him to feed.  Plus, sleeping babies are the CUTEST to look at!  I started putting him in his crib for naps (something I should have done from the beginning) and soon moved him to his crib at night.  There may have been a few tears from me on his first night in there, but he did great!  He started sleeping longer through the night in his crib.  He would go to sleep around 9:30/10pm and wake up between 6-7am.           
First nap in his crib
Special Memories:
Eli is talking, laughing, and smiling more than ever.  Here is one of my favorite video moments.

He also started playing with toys for the first time!  I'm going to write a post soon on his favorite infant toys.  This is such a fun stage!
First time playing with a toy
He enjoys looking around during tummy time, but will still get mad if he has to do it too long.  He can hold his head up very high!
Tummy Time
He also has been going through a stage where he is very attached to his mommy and daddy.  A lot of times when we hand him off to someone else (who he had no problem going to before) he will cry until we hold him again.
Twins with my Daddy
Eli loves his mama!
Here are some of my favorite pictures of the month....including some more firsts for Eli!
First time meeting the Easter Bunny (Wasn't scared at all!  Just sat and chilled in the bunny's arms.)
Adriana says it looks like he is casting a spell
Eli's First Easter
First Big Road Trip to Alabama
Eli's First Gator Gymnastics National Championship
First Easter Basket
First picture with all Eli's cousins and Homie

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