Friday, July 25, 2014

Spellbinders Celebra'tions Collection Review & Giveaway

The new Spellbinders Celebra'tions Collection by Richard Garay is the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion with your friends and family!  The collection includes coordinated papers, inks, stamps, dies, and embellishments.  You can make birthday cards, party invitations, gift bag tags, scrapbook pages, and more.

As I get older, birthdays seem to be less important.  Or maybe not less important, but you don't usually have a big party with lots of gifts.  I don't expect much on my birthday, so it always feels good to receive a little something to let me know I am a homemade birthday card!  When someone takes the time to make a card and write a heartfelt message it really means a lot to me.  This is why the Spellbinders Celebra'tion Collection of paper craft supplies is so awesome.  I'm not always the most creative person, but I can make something I'm proud of (and someone else will enjoy) if I have the right supplies and inspiration.  There are many ideas online showing how you can use this collection to make all sorts of neat crafts.

I was sent a Spellbinders Celebra'tion Collection sample kit to review.  It came with the supplies and instructions to make two beautiful projects-- a card and gift bag.

Halfway through card making

The final product
I made the card first and I love how it turned out!  The colors are bright and fun.  I also love how the embellishments are 3-D, adding layers and depth.  There are so many stamps, papers, and die cuts in the collection that you can make a wide variety of paper crafts for every occasion.  To further personalize this card, I'm going to add a picture of my friend and I on the left inside of the card then use the right inside to write her a message.

Personalized Bag Tag
The paper, dies, and stamps can be used to make awesome bag tags!  Again, all of the colors are cheerful and perfect for any celebration.  These would make great treat bags for birthday parties or gatherings.  I've filled mine with photo magnets for my friend to go along with her birthday card.

I would highly recommend this collection to anyone who loves to create lovely projects for any special occasion.

Now on to the GIVEAWAY!-----You can win a mini stamp set from the Spellbinders Celebra'tions Collection.  Just Enter Below!
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"The Spellbinders brand provided me with a sample of Spellbinders Celebra'tions Collection in exchange for a product review.  However, all the opinions expressed here are my own."

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cottonelle Clean Crew

I was so excited to receive our free Cottonelle Clean & Fresh sampling from Crowdtap!  One thing you may not know about my husband is that he is a toilet paper snob.  Yes, I'm calling him out.  Cottonelle is his #1 toilet paper choice.  If I bring anything else home...there is always a comment about it.  Bring Cottonelle home and there is a smile.  So you can imagine how excited we were to get the opportunity to try out the Cottonelle Care Routine.  :)

Starting them out early on Cottonelle wipes
I like the upright wipes dispenser.  It's sleek, stylish, and easily accessible.  The wipes paired with Cottonelle toilet paper are the perfect get clean duo for nights out on the town, after the gym, or just everyday living.  Our Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths dispenser is currently in the downstairs half bathroom for all our guests to enjoy.
Free Sample Recipients
Check out to review products and have your opinions heard!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Eli - 5 Month Update!

I'm 5 Months Old!
Here is Eli's update from 4-5 months.

Eli was 15 pounds 4 ounces.  He had gained weight, but then lost it right around when he turned 5 months old because I was dealing with mastitis and clogged milk ducts which effected my milk supply.  I'm happy to report that issue has been resolved for now (Praise God!) and he is gaining back weight.

He wears 6 month clothing and Size 3 diapers.
Eli is still breastfeeding, but has also started solids!  Right before he turned five months he had his first solid food - pureed squash.  It did not take him long to learn how to eat it...he gets so excited and loves it.

As you can see from his stats, his weight went down a little from last month.  I started working out, and think it is one of the reasons (repetitive upper body movements) I got mastitis (red, sore, tender spot on breast & flu-like symptoms---got prescribed an antibiotic to clear it up) and clogged milk ducts.  I went to the pediatrician and lactation consultant during this time because I was worried sick that Eli not getting enough food and losing weight.  They did not seem very concerned.  I continued to breastfeed him as often as possible to get the milk flowing again.  After about a week and a half, all the lumps were gone and things are back to normal.  I am so thankful we are over it now.

Something we need to work on is re-teaching Eli to use a bottle (or just go to a sippy cup).  I guess I never got the memo to keep introducing the bottle because now he won't take one (which means I can't leave him very long with anyone).  I really need to get on this, but hate to pump.  We will see how it goes.
We are going through a bout of sleep regression at this time.  It also started when my milk supply went down (right before he turned 5 months).  He now wakes up in the middle of night and early morning.  Ah!!  Hopefully, it won't last long.

Special Memories:
Besides Eli starting to eat solids (which was very exciting to us...and entertaining), he went on his first trip to Disney World this month.  Eli and I traveled to Orlando (while daddy was working) to stay with my family for a couple days.  We went to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom while we were there. 

At Animal Kingdom he rode the Kilimanjaro Safari ride and watched the Festival of the Lion King, It's Tough to Be a Bug, Flights of Wonder, and Finding Nemo.  He enjoyed all of them except for the Bug's Life show because he was not too pleased that it squirted water in his face.

At Magic Kingdom he rode the Jungle Cruise, Pirate's of the Caribbean, Journey of the Little Mermaid, and watched Mickey's PhilharMagic show.  It's also good to note that they have a nice baby center with rooms for nursing, feeding, and changing diapers.  Great way to get out of the hot sun and into the air conditioning.
Just arrived in Orlando
In line for our first ride
E's First Disney Ride - Kilimanjaro Safari
Hanging with Uncle Steven

The Paparazzi found us at Disney!

Finding Nemo show

Exhausted after a day in the park

Jungle Cruise Time!

Wondering why everyone is smiling so big

Mickey's PhilharMagic Show

We celebrated Eric's first Father's Day with breakfast in bed and presents from Eli.

Until next time!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kleenex Tissues On-The-Go Pack

I received a Kleenex Brand Tissues On-The-Go Pack from Crowdtap free for review.  Kleenex is the brand I think of when tissues are involved (Can I have a Kleenex?).  I love the colors and design.  So bright and fun; perfect for summer.  The wallet pack is compact (great for traveling), holding 10 tissues.  I love it because it is stylish, fits in my diaper bag easily, and prepares me for runny noses and messes.
I was trying to think of new ways I could use my tissues.  I needed to paint my nails for another review, so I ended up using the tissue to protect the table while I gave myself a mani.  Another idea that I saw on pinterest and thought was adorable was to use the tissue to make a get well card.  They made a card with a pocket on it and placed some folded up tissue in the pocket on the front of the card.  Would work well for a sympathy card as well. 

For now, my Kleenex Tissue Wallet Pack will be traveling in my diaper bag.  I'm glad I'll be prepared for tears and sniffles without have to drag around a whole box of tissues.