Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oyster Grill Out and Mr. Reggy's B-Day

October 9, 2010:  Oyster Grill Out at the Saucedo's!
I love getting to hang out with both mine and Eric's family.  Saturday we (Eric & I) got to relax, watch another disappointing gator game, have a bon fire, and eat grilled oysters with Sheldon, Brittney, & Selena.  And yes...I was the party pooper who could not stay up late to play games, so Eric tried drawing a mustache on my face with permanent marker (sorry, no pictures available).  When I came back from the bathroom, where I removed said mustache, everyone was hiding outside because they were scared of me.  Serves them right!  lol.

Sheldon getting the fire started
Bye, bye picture frame

Shucking the Oysters

10/10/10:  Mr. Reggy's B-Day!
After 12/12/12 there will no longer be any more months, days, years like this in my lifetime!  Pretty crazy to think about.  So, if you just so happen to have your birthday on one of these days...I'd say you are pretty lucky!  :)  For Mr. Reggy's birthday, Eric made chicken and rice and Brittney made corn fritters (yum!).  We also got to eat delicious oreo pie while we watched the Jaguars win another game.  I'd say it was a pretty good day.

Present Time

Happy Birthday Mr. Reggy!

Someone's been getting into the chocolate!

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