Friday, June 25, 2010

Engagement Pictures and Singing Mayer Song


Last Saturday Eric and I finally had our engagement session with Jimmy Ho!  We had to keep rescheduling because of rain, but we decided rain or shine we were going to take the pictures!....and thankfully it actually DIDN'T rain!  Jimmy was really great.  You can visit his blog at  Eric and I were super awkward.  It is SO hard to act natural/candid when someone is taking your picture.  People who know me know that I am always ready to pose for a this was a VERY difficult task!  I'm just hoping we didn't make weird faces in all of them, lol.  I will post the link to the photos when they are available.

A couple days ago I was avoiding cleaning my room (per the usual) and so I decided to make a quick video for a contest being put on by a local radio station (98.5 WKTK).  You have to send in a clip of yourself singing to one of three different John Mayer songs.  I choose "Waiting on the World to Change".  I don't think I will win because there are other really good singers, but if I did win that would be awesome!  The prize for winning the local competition is a guitar signed by John Mayer and a CordaRoy's beanbag chair.  I really want the beanbag chair/bed for our new apartment!  lol.  They announce the winner next if you want to vote for me visit  I also put the video on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.  hahaha.

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