Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cottonelle Clean Crew

I was so excited to receive our free Cottonelle Clean & Fresh sampling from Crowdtap!  One thing you may not know about my husband is that he is a toilet paper snob.  Yes, I'm calling him out.  Cottonelle is his #1 toilet paper choice.  If I bring anything else home...there is always a comment about it.  Bring Cottonelle home and there is a smile.  So you can imagine how excited we were to get the opportunity to try out the Cottonelle Care Routine.  :)

Starting them out early on Cottonelle wipes
I like the upright wipes dispenser.  It's sleek, stylish, and easily accessible.  The wipes paired with Cottonelle toilet paper are the perfect get clean duo for nights out on the town, after the gym, or just everyday living.  Our Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths dispenser is currently in the downstairs half bathroom for all our guests to enjoy.
Free Sample Recipients
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