Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby Shower Fun and More...

I am so glad everything turned out well this past weekend.  I stayed busy planning Brittney's Baby Shower with Selena, while battling our upstairs A/C unit which decided to stop working on us for another week (we just had it fixed two weeks before).  Praise the Lord it got fixed yesterday morning!  Sleeping on deflated air mattresses and a couch meant for one is not the best way to get a good night's sleep.

Thursday we went out to the beach, so Eric could enjoy surfing the waves created by hurricane Irene.  I was so nervous he was going to bonk his head on a rock and I would never see him again.  Surfing is fun to watch, but way to risky for me.  I just don't like to take risks (at least those kind).  I didn't worry as much once he got some friends out there with him.  I'm really glad he got to go though.  He's been wanting to get back out there for awhile.

My Surfer

Saturday was the big day-- Brittney's Baby Shower!!!

I was so mad I forgot my camera, but I did take a few (poor image) shots with my phone.  The party was great!  Lots of people came to celebrate the coming of baby Cody (and brought many wonderful presents along with them!).  Good food + Good Company + Presents = A Fantastic Time!  Lol.

Selena and I were so proud of our diaper cake we made.  I'm definitely not a crafty person, so we were surprised it came out so cute.  It was pretty easy to make too.  I rolled all the diapers and rubber banded them.  Then we divided the diapers into 1:2:3 portions and rubber banded them together in the shape of cake layers.  We bought a palm tree decoration from Party City which we stuck through the top "cake" layer" and connected all the layers with a wood dowel.  Then we hot glued ribbon around each of the three layers.  I printed animals on the computer and Selena laminated them and cut them out.  Then the animals were hot glued to the ribbon and the other decorations were placed on the cake (the stuffed monkey on the tree and the travel size baby items).  WahhLahh-- A Gift/Decoration Combo that is sure to impress!   

Diaper Cake
Present Table

The Guests

The Cake

Brittney and Baby Cody!
I am SO excited for the arrival of baby Cody!  He is going to look so handsome in all his little outfits.  :)  Thanks to everyone who helped out and came!  I love you all.

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