Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday to Me

I've had a great birthday week!  Thanks to all my family and close friends who celebrated with me!  It's always a special treat getting to spend time with the people you love most, but don't always get to see frequently.

October 29-30, 2010:  My family (Mom, Dad, Steven) came to visit us Friday night and Saturday.  Friday night we went to the new Genghis Grill  that recently opened up in Gainesville.  If you click the link they have a little video that shows you what it looks like.  We all thought it was really good.  They give you a silver bowl that you take up and fill with a selection of meats, vegetables, spices, and sauces.  Then you take it over to the grill, choose your carbs, and sit back down while they prepare it.  When they are done they bring it back to your table for your eating pleasure.  I think it's cool because you can make your food exactly how you want it (vegetarians and vegans can actually pick stuff out to eat here).

After dinner, we celebrated with an assorted variety of cheesecakes and games.  I hassled people into playing Just Dance 2 for Wii (my parent's got me it as a birthday gift) with me.  I was getting mad because Eric kept beating me (and he shouldn't!), but don't worry I'm going to work on it and start beating him!  I move more than him...he just pays attention to the one hand you have the Wii remote in because that is how it scores you.  This is why I want the XBOX 360 no one can cheat!!!

On Saturday we met Josh and Kristina at the Micanopy Fall Harvest Festival.  The festival had lots of vendors selling food and crafts.  The place was packed!

After the festival, Kristina and Josh came over to watch the FL vs. GA game.  How exciting was that?!  It was definitely a nail biter...I had a headache the whole last part of the game (especially when they went into overtime).  I'm SO glad we won though!  And that win against Vandy yesterday wasn't too shabby either.  Let's hope next week's game against South Carolina ends in us going to the SEC Championship!

During halftime we played Just Dance 2.  It was a lot of fun.  While sadly there is no video evidence of Kristina and I's amazing dance skills...some how there is some of Eric and Josh!  ;)  They probably got higher scores anyway since the boys seem to be the masters at this game.  So please...enjoy the video below!

November 1-6, 2010:  The rest of the week I got to celebrate with other friends and family.  I got to see Jenna, Owen, Kristina, Josh, Mrs. Karen, and Mr. Reggy.  Thanks to everyone!!  I love you all!!

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