Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monster Lasagna

Tuesday night, Eric and I made his mom's lasagna recipe.  It turned our really great, but we have TONS of leftover.  If anyone is in Gainesville, please feel free to stop by and get some to eat!  lol.

Even though four of us ate off of the monster, we hardly made a dent!

So...everyone wants to know some of my DEAL secrets.  Eric showed me back in December.  I found a majority of my Christmas presents on there for great prices (and I never had to leave my apartment!).  People post deals they see on the web and the most popular are presented on the website's main page.

My other go to site for freebies is  The guy that runs the site posts links to free samples and coupons daily (Monday through Friday...I think).  I signed up for a free sippy cup (which I would give to Brittney for Jake...or maybe Eric...haha), zoneperfect nutrition square, and a south beach smores bar today.

Now you know!  :)

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  1. You weren't kidding about that monster lasagna. How many people ate from it that day? Looks like two people took one serving each... :) Thanks for hooking me up with the deals, I have a feeling I will be checking those sites quite often.