Friday, August 22, 2014

Eli - 6 Month Update!

I'm 6 Months Old!
Here is Eli's update from 5-6 months.

Eli was 16 pounds 6 ounces at his 6 month well baby visit.
Height: 26.5 inches

He wears 6-9 month clothing and Size 3 diapers.
Eli is still breastfeeding.  He also eats about 2 ounces of pureed food a day.  At this point he has had squash, rice cereal, zucchini, green peas, avocado, sweet potato, banana, and apples.

I love how excited he gets when it is time to eat.  He waves his arms in the air and pants. It's so fun to watch.
Eli has gone back to sleeping through the night.  I guess he just needed to get his weight back up.  I'm so glad he is feeling better and sleeping well.
Since we don't have bumpers in his crib, he gets his feet and arms stuck through the bars all the time.  Sometimes I think he just does it on purpose, so I will come in and fix them.  Haha.  Here's some pictures of Eli caught in the act!

Special Memories:
Eli's beautiful personality is showing more and more everyday.  He is generally very happy, but also knows how to throw a little fit here or there.  He loves to eat, play with toys, and listen to music.  We are still working on sitting up.

His favorite game to play is Peek-A-Boo.  He pulls his burp cloth over his face and pulls it down real quick waiting for the Peek-A-Boo to come.  He's smart and oh-so-lovable!

Eli celebrated his first 4th of July with friends and family in Jacksonville.
  He is also sat in his high chair for the first time.
Here's a few more pictures from the month!
Green Eyed Mommy, Blue Eyed Baby

Having fun in our jumperoo

Petting my sister while she sits on me
I love to eat my toes!
Shopping with momma in my Ergo

Handsome, Happy Boy!
Until next time!  :)

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