Saturday, June 28, 2014

Eli - 4 Month Update!

I'm 4 Months Old!
Here is Eli's update from 3-4 months.  He hit a very exciting milestone this month, plus a few more firsts.  :)  I'm reminded everyday of how good of a baby he is and how lucky we are to call him our own.  Such a handsome, sweet boy.

Eli was 15 pounds 5 ounces at his 4 month well baby visit.
Height: 26 inches

He wears 3-6 month clothing and Size 2 diapers.

Eli is still exclusively breastfed, eating 5-7 times a day.  He has started to eat less times, but for longer periods.
Eli is still a great sleeper!  He goes to bed around 9:30pm and wakes up between 6-7am, just like last month.  He also takes great naps during the day (falling asleep around an hour and a half after the beginning of his last meal and sleeping anywhere from 30 min. to 2.5 hours).  My boy loves to get his rest!

Special Memories:
Eli has hit another big milestone this month....he is rolling over!!!  The first time he rolled over he went from tummy to back (daddy and mommy were both lucky enough to witness it!), but since then he only has rolled from his back to stomach.  He always rolls to the right.  Must be his dominate side.

When he started rolling it did mess up his sleeping a bit because as soon as I would put him in the crib he would roll over and get upset.  Once he got used to it though, he didn't mind anymore.  Every time I put him on his back to sleep he rolls over to his stomach and falls asleep.

Here's Eli rolling over.  He does it all the time, but it is hard to catch on video because he usually does it really fast and when you aren't looking.

Eli also went in the pool for the first time this month!

He seemed to like the water, but we had to take him out and hold him on a raft because it was too cold.  He ended up falling asleep sitting up on the jaguar float.  It was too cute.

It was also my first Mother's Day!  Eli was tired and not looking too happy in our pictures, lol.  I'm so honored to be a mom.  It's the best job ever.

Here are some other pictures from the month! ----
First time meeting my friend Maverick
Touching my toes
Handsome Boy!

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