Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hawaiian Tropic® Shimmering Summer Skin Soiree

I haven't been updating as much as last month because we have been in the middle of moving (and didn't have internet at our new place for a while).  We finally got through the process of purchasing a house and are now happy, first time home buyers!  It just so happened that my Hawaiian Tropic party ended up being scheduled the same weekend we could start moving into our house (we were supposed to close 2 weeks earlier).  Though it was a bit much to think about, everything went great (except for the weather) and our friends and family were able to hang out, try the new Hawaiian Tropic products, and visit our new house!

I applied and was accepted to do a Hosted Party for Hawaiian Tropic® brand Shimmer Effect Lotion Sunscreen and After Sun Lotion through  I received:
  • For the Host:
  • ­-Stylish metallic gold beach tote
  • ­-Hawaiian Tropic® brand Shimmer Effect Lotion Sunscreen and After Sun Lotion
  • ­-Schick Quattro® for Women® razor
  • ­-Loofah
  • For Guests (10 each):
  • ­-Eco-friendly tote bag filled with Hawaiian Tropic® Shimmer Effect Lotion Sunscreen and After Sun Lotion sample packettes and product coupons
  • ­-Schick Quattro® for Women® razor coupon

The party started with pizza, cupcakes, chips, fruit, and drinks.  Each guest received the bag above with samples, coupons, Girl Scout cookies, Bath and Body Works lotion and body wash.

A few of us headed to Kroger to meet the Deen Brothers who are currently promoting their new book, The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up.  We got our books autographed and got to tell them about our Hawaiian Tropic party! :)
Once back at the apartment we sampled the Hawaiian Tropic® Shimmer Effect Lotion Sunscreen and After Sun Lotion.  I for one was pleasantly surprised by these products.  I really thought these "shimmer" lotions would be better suited for pre-teens because they love sparkle.  I thought it would be a little much for some one older, but I have to say I love it!  The sparkles are small and really do highlight your skin tone!  The sun catches the sparkle just right.
Everyone really liked the smell of both products.  The sunscreen is great because it has UVB/SPF with UVA to help protect skin.  The after sun lotion is great because it not only smells good, but also leaves your skin moisturized after a shower so you can keep your tan longer.  The only thing we did not like about the product was that it was a little hard to get it out of the bottle.  Nothing bad to say about the product itself though!

After sampling the products, we decided to try them out at the beach even though the weather was not looking good.  Let me tell was NOT good beach weather!  lol.  It was pretty funny watching all of us out there getting pelted with ran and sand while the wind blew crazily.
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Disclamer:  I received products listed above to review and share with friends through Crowdtap.  I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own!

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